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Pre-industrial peoples had elaborate traditions and knowledge that wove together the needs and interests of generations. The industrial interval, however, has shredded traditional cultures, and replaced them on one side with a global spectacle and on the other with hyper-specialization. Once the latter will be totally gone, the generations following this demise will run the high risk of losing themselves in fear and becoming cultureless wraiths condemned to subsist on decaying memories of what life was like before the crash, but with few living traditions and basic knowledge to guide them[1]. In the light of this massive change, the library project, therefore, encourages people all over the world to conserve essential knowledge, along with understandings of healing, edible and medicinal plants, the practical arts of the growing and preservation of food, the making and use of hand tools, the making of clothing, the building of houses, as well as the building and operation of solar, wind, water, and biomass-powered energy systems. The project supports also people to educate and keep important knowledge about how ecosystems function, or about biology, radiation[2], languages, astronomy, geology, and geography. In addition to practical skills, the project is seeking people to maintain certain aspects of social knowledge: the skills of how to live together in non-hierarchical and non-oppressive communities, historical and cross-cultural knowledge of spirituality, philosophy, literature and the arts. In time we could conceivably create a planet covering network of micro-societies in balance with the earth and overcome past mistakes. Emphasizing the ethically responsible free human being, the project envisions the integration of the best of science with the best of natural living, discarding destructive and wasteful technologies and lifestyles of contemporary civilization.

The local mission of the library project is to promote and support sustainable living in the Alpujarras. The library project targets local habitants and future settlers. People of various walks of life, and different nationalities, to actively co-collect books in accordance to their specific interest and language. People seeking new joyful and healthy ways to live, with the aim to love and live from the heart, and try to stop living from the mind and ego. With their primary emphasis on seeking freedom and inner peace, and their overall mission to prepare for the transition times, with a focus on surviving and thriving when food, transport, and energy industries might sputter out. All independently contributing to the redundancy of the region and organically co-creating a global awareness. This community as a whole is to go above fear, and constituted to sur-thrive the power down of our unsustainable industrial civilization.

The library project envisions to empower the resilience and coherence of this regional web of independent families and to support interest to preserve an assortment of printed knowledge in their homes. Transforming the culture ark beyond a single building, into a small distributed network of mini libraries, where copies are stored, read, studied, and applied. The advantage of this concept is that it is far more redundant, and that it can be extended and enlarged, without limits. The library project hopes to contribute to the ongoing viral realization of a self-sufficient Alpujarras by functioning as a beacon light towards the world running on emptiness. Taking the steps today to achieve visions of a better world, and inspire others to join the cultural revolution in the process of providing peoples needs within the ecological limits. There is hope for the future, today, tomorrow and coming.


1 Text fragment from the book 'Powerdown' by Richard Heinberg (New Society Publishers 2004)
2 Radiation > nuclear power plant meltdown related radioactive long term pollution, might become a very important issue in the future.


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